Lean i Kaizen

Metalwork and production of machines and devices:
  • Reduction of average time for conversion from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, improving operational availability of machines by 30%
  • Implementing 5S
  • Project for improvement of material and resources flow
  • Identification of problem sources that reduce the efficiency of machines and implementation of corrective measures
Automotive industry:
  • Optimizing the number of employees working on the production line by 17%
  • Supporting the greenfield project in the commissioning of the new production line
Cosmetics industry:
  • Managing a project for the construction of a warehouse (all of the project stages: concept, selection of contractors, managing realization, commissioning).
  • Constructing CIP station, in the scope of the concept, selection of contractors, commissioning – reduction of water usage by 35% and improving the microbiological safety of the installation.
  • Extending pipeline systems for distribution of product to packing machines in the scope of developing the concept, selection of suppliers and commissioning – improving the elasticity of area by 25%.
  • Implementing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).
  • Implementing 5S.
  • Reducing the cost of spare parts and external maintenance by 30%.
  • Replacing the structure from Breakdown Maintenance to Preventive Maintenance.
Food industry:
  • Implementing KAIZEN system – on the stage of effects evaluation, of 1200 reported improvement ideas, 960 of them were implemented.
  • Implementing a TPM system that has a significant influence on achieving positive financial results by the factory for the next three years.
  • Reducing production waste by 25%.
  • Optimization of man hours – reduction to 36%.
  • Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the production line by 20%.


Realized projects:
  • Design and management of construction of line for production of crisps, in full scope, from preparing potatoes to the packaging of final product
  • Design and management of construction of line for production of crisps made of pellets
  • Design of production line used to produce crisps made from potato starch
  • Design and supervision of extending works of CIP installation
  • Supervision over the realization of installation used to transport loose materials
  • Design and supervision over the realization of pipelines adjusted to perform cleaning activities - pigging system