Lean and Kaizen

Lean Management and Kaizen Systems:

Lean Management is the most commonly implemented system, designed to simplify and improve the flow of information related to key production and service indicators. The scope of the Lean Management system embraces the flow of information, beginning from a simple result achieved by individual processes, through a review of the results and undertaking corrective measures regarding specific departments, up to the level of the factory or service centre.

The implementation service of the Kaizen system consists in designing and implementing methods for managing the realization of improvements reported by the employees. The system includes elements that motivate employees, while reporting improvements and providing a continuous inflow of new reports.

 Reduction of Man Hours to Operate the Process

We offer this service in areas where the efficiency of the process depends on a number of people working within a given process.

The service may produce:

  • Reduction of the number of employees necessary to complete the process, with preservation of efficiency.
  • Improved efficiency of the process with preservation of the previous number of employees,

The scope of service implementation is adjusted to the requirements of the customer.

 Reduction of Conversion Time

The service consists in the reduction of conversion time based on the SMED method. It may be used where there is a need for a frequent change of tools that requires stopping the machines.

The result of conversion time reduction is a higher productivity of machines and processes.

 Solving Repetitive Problems

Solving repetitive problems related to the area of production such as repetitive breakdowns, micro-stopping of machines, increased manufacturing waste, repeated quality problems, excessive usage of resources.

 Improving Efficiency of Technological Processes

The service may be implemented everywhere where there is a need to improve the efficiency of the production process, especially in areas where currently acquired efficiency is lower than nominal technological efficiency.

 Improving Efficiency of Administrative Processes

The service is based on value-stream mapping. It may be used everywhere where there is a need to improve administrative processes in the aspect of increasing quality, process duration.

 Motivating Employees to Implement Improvements

This service is usually related to implementing a suggestion system or its improvement. Methods of motivating employees are also used to improve areas and processes quickly through the commitment of employees.

 Improving Work Safety

The service consists of implementing a system and tools that aim at identification and prevention of potential threats to health and safety in the workplace.